Albright For Arnold

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright believes we should amend the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to be president.

"We are a country of immigrants. I think that it would be not a bad thing to try to figure out how to allow foreign-born people to become president," Albright told the Little Rock Rotary Club while in town to attend the opening of Bill Clinton's presidential library.
I agree with Ms. Albright. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a classic example of an American success story. An immigrant who came to America with a dream to be successful and the ambition to bring his dream to fruition. Arnold's stature on the culture landscape is such that the fact that he's an immigrant is all but lost.

The former Secretary of State goes on to say that foreign-born citizens should be required to live here for "some very long period of time" before being eligible to pursue the Oval Office, and this seems like a reasonable prerequisite. Kudos to Ms. Albright for taking a progressive position that happens to favor someone on the other side of the aisle.