Another View

David Horowitz has another perspective on Al Franken's performance over the weekend.

According to Al Franken, who pretty well spoke for the other leftists present (Jesse Jackson Jr. and Loretta Sanchez), the press was to blame (no I'm not making this up). You see the press should have done a better job explaining to the public that Republicans were wrong on the facts. I ask myself, how can you reach middle age in this life and think that politics or any serious human conflict is about either side's inability to understand the facts. Consider what that reveals about Al Franken's contempt for 59 million Americans. They're stupid. Otherwise they would have voted for Kerry.
I disagree with David on his assertion that Frank "spoke for the other leftists present". From my reading of the transcript it appeared that Franken was ranting and Chavez and Jackson were sounding moderate and reasoned notes.

I agree with David with regard to his summary, however:
Of course in Franken's view the reason they're so stupid is that they listen to Rush Limbaugh instead of Al Franken. I'm going to help Al though it's pretty evident he's beyond help at this point. Al Franken needs to listen to Rush Limbaugh. If he did he would learn something. The something would not be a fact but a perspective. It would be how the rest of us see people like him. If he listened he could reconsider the attitudes and actions that got him where he is. He could learn. That's really the only way anyone learns: by listening.[Emphasis mine.]
I can't possibly overstate the importance of this. We don't have to agree with each other, but it's important that we listen. Most importantly, its imperative that we listen to the voices with which we disagree.