A Conspiracy of Dopes

Via Power Line...

Amnesty International is circulating this flyer at Penn State University. It's a shame that an organization that once had goals and principles that were above reproach are now reduced to nothing more than another arm of the Hate-Bush cult.

The comparison between Bush and Hitler is so ubiquitous that it seems to have its ability to outrage reasonable people. What started out as hyperbole to make a point has now become a point of view that people actually hold. Bush is as bad as Hitler. America is becoming Nazi Germany. The Fourth Reich is upon us.

This country is a lush, green meadow of liberty. Trees of self-determination grow tall and offer up low-hanging fruits of freedom to just about anyone willing to raise their hand above their own head. Any one of us may put foot to bark, wind our way to the highest of the branches and exclaim ridiculously that President Bush is a Nazi.

No one comes and slaps a yellow star on your clothing.

You are not hauled off as an enemy of the state.

You don't get a number tattooed on your arm.

Those among us who insist on making moronic proclamations that America is becoming Nazi Germany are refuting themselves with every repetition of the charge. The beauty of it is that most of the people decrying the rise of the BUSHITLER don't appear to get the joke.

It's an irony as delicious as freedom itself. I'm taking big bites, letting the juice run down my chin, and wiping it up with Amnesty International Flyers. Mmm-mmm good!