DeLaying The Inevitable, continued...

An unnamed official involved in the investigation of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says that DeLay is not likely to face indictment.

"No, no, I really don’t think DeLay will be indicted," the official told CBSNews.com. "And to be quite honest, [DeLay’s] lawyers know that."

"To indict and prosecute someone, we have to be able to show not just that they were aware of something," the official explained. "We have to show that they engaged in enough conduct to make them party to the offense."

"For a penal code offense [such as money laundering] we would have to find something done in Travis County, Texas, to be able to indict," the officials said. "And [DeLay] wasn’t here very often."
This is certainly good news for DeLay and other House Republicans, although their pre-emptive move to protect DeLay's leadership position now looks more than a bit foolish.

What's most important to me in this article is what appears to be a lack of any genuine evidence of wrongdoing on DeLay's part. Of course, CBS goes with "DeLay Appears To Be Off The Hook" as opposed to something like "Case Against DeLay Falls Apart" or "Official:No Evidence Against DeLay". It's probably unreasonable on my part to expect anything else from CBS.