From Bad To Worse

MyDD, a website that is nowhere near as naughty as it's name suggests, reports that Howard Dean looks rather likely to ascend to the chair of the DNC.

The date has been selected for the DNC meeting that will elect the Democratic Party's national leadership. The meeting will be held the 10-12th in DC, with the election of the Chair occurring on the 12th of February.

Here was the breakdown among the 155 members of the DNC that were polled 11/15-19 by the Hotline:
Who are your top 3 preferences among the following candidates [rotated]: Tom Vilsack, Harold Ickes, Howard Dean, Jim Hodges, Simon Rosenberg, Jeanne Shaheen, Wellington Webb, Ron Kirk, Brad Carson, Leo Hindery, Joe Erwin, Roy Barnes or someone not mentioned on this list?

Dean 45
Vilsack 37
Shaheen 27
Ickes 13
Webb 12
Barnes 9
Carson 7
Hodges 6
Hindery 4
Rosenberg 4
Kirk 3
Erwin 0
From these numbers, it looks as though Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack could challenge Dean. Problem is that Vilsack said yesterday that he doesn't intend to seek the position.
Citing his responsibilities as governor, Vilsack said "these challenges and opportunities require more time than I felt I could share. As a result I will not be a candidate for DNC chairman."
Many Republicans are, no doubt, rooting for Mr. Dean. I am not. I fear that a Democratic Party under Howard Dean would be yanked harder to port than the Titanic on first sight of the iceberg. I fear that the Democratic Party might meet the same fate, and with a crappier soundtrack.