Frying Rice

Political cartoonist Pat Oliphant has apparently decided that he wants to be Ted Rall. Oliphant actually appears to have some drawing talent, so it's doubleplus disappointing to see him choosing such bad company with cartoons like this one.

The buck-toothed, thick-lipped sambo caricature of African-Americans is a staple of racist cartoons throughout American history. The only thing missing from this bit of political "humor" is a depiction of Rice as a monkey.

The above cartoon is already a day old and yet, there is no firestorm of angry criticism in the media. Nor will there be. Why? Because the American Left only likes a certain kind of African-American - the liberal kind. Any African-American who crosses over to conservatism becomes a sellout, an Uncle Tom, or a "house nigger" (as Harry Belafonte so famously put it).

Oliphant owes Dr. Rice and all African-Americans an apology.