Minds So Open They Actually Fall Out

A friend pointed this thread out to me from the LiveJournal "Pagan" community. Some of the members have figured out the reason behind the Bush victory...

Gods-damn it! The f*cking Republicans have got Magical help pumping out a clear, unified, focused broadcast, and you can be sure, every sensitive is picking it up. These are the people most likely to vote Kerry, and I'd like to think they are resolute enough not to be swayed by telepathic subliminal advertising, but it's such a rarely-done thing, and so few people are properly trained these days, that I fear it will be more effective. Just watch and see who says "I was going to vote for Kerry, but for some reason I changed my mind at the last minute."
I will forgive any group of people the presence of one lunatic. This person was immediately joined with a chorus of yeah-me-toos. "MoronQueen" chimed in with
"I noticed that, too...not quite as much, but I did. There was enough talk of people voting Democratic in our area that I'm not super worried about 'em being affected. The area I live in is on the poorer side of the spectrum, and seems to be more democratic than most."
Fellow pagan "LooneyLulu" confirmed the dark psychic transmissions:
"So, I am not the only one who has noticed. I hate Bush with a passion, but lately, I seem to think he might be better. And it kinda freaks me out."
Further corroboration came from "WonderWench":
"GAH! I thought I was going NUTS! I heard kinda something like that too... only I didnt HEAR anything specifically... I couldnt sleep this morning either... damn."
Once I wiped the tears of laughter out of my eyes and steadied my breathing, I discovered that quite a few of the people posting in the thread were coming from another point of view. KleenexWoman brought some levity early on:
"I would suggest using a tinfoil hat. It works for me, anyway."
TSuzuki26 had some insight into the real political leanings of magic users:
"All the best mages vote Libertarian."
I have to say, however, that the one comment that really caught my eye among the hundreds of replies was this, from "SaintInHell":
"Maybe God really is on George Bush's side and that's His voice."
The voice of God?

That's just crazy talk.