Oil For Murder

The Associated Press is reporting that Saddam Hussien used money from the UN Oil-For-Food program to pay off the families of Palestinian Islamikaze bombers.

The former Iraqi president tapped secret bank accounts in Jordan - where he collected bribes from foreign companies and individuals doing illicit business under the humanitarian program - to reward the families up to $25,000 each, investigators told The Associated Press.
The United Nations does not have enough face for all of the egg waiting to be deposited upon it. Between the entire Oil For Food fiasco, its shameful handling of the situation in Darfur, and Kofi Annan's out-of-hand dismissal of a sexual harassment claim against a senior UN official, it's hard to give the United Nations the benefit of any doubt.

The United Nations under Kofi Annan has been a disaster, and it's time for him to resign. The UN should not be "Nations United Against America and Israel", but that is precisely how the body behaves.