A Unique Side Dish

Along with the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, a generous helping of justice was handed out this week.

The man whose savagery in the October, 2000 Ramallah lynching of two IDF soldiers was broadcast worldwide has finally been brought to justice.

An Israeli military court handed a life-sentence this week to the man who proudly displayed his blood-drenched hands after he joined a lynch-mob of other Arabs and carried out the grisly double murder. Vadim Norzitch and Yosef Avrahami were the two reserve soldiers killed in the lynching at a Ramallah police station in 2000.

Aziz Salha was part of the Arab crowd that attacked the two after they were brought to the "safety" of the Ramallah police station. In television footage of the brutal lynching, he was seen standing at the police station window after Norzitch’s body was thrown out of it, proudly displaying his blood-soaked hands to the murderous mob below.
The article does not offer any insight as to why justice was delayed so long in this case, nor does it speculate that the absence of Yasser Arafat from the scene might have created a climate that was more amenable to allowing this case to finally reach a conclusions.

Whatever the case, it's satisfying to see that Salha has gotten most of what he deserves. In my view, it would have been more appropriate to execute the man. In the superiority of the holiday, however, we should be thankful for what we have rather than being resentful for that which we do not.