Victory Near For Terri Schiavo's Parents?

This story was drowned out in the din of the election, and I want to get it posted before the Condoleeza Rice story consumes all thought.

On November 2, Terri Schiavo's husband Michael filed a motion to vacate the indefinite stay placed on the case by the courts. At the same time, his lawyer told the press that if his motion is denied, he may just give up the case.

George Felos, Michael Schiavo's attorney, said Monday that Schiavo may not participate if the 2nd District Court of Appeal considers a request from Terri Schiavo's parents.

Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge George Greer has ruled that Schiavo cannot remove his wife's tube until the appeals court decides the appeal, a process that could take days or months.

Felos has asked the appeals court to lift Greer's ruling. If it refuses, Felos said, "Mr. Schiavo is seriously considering just simply not participating in appellate proceedings."
To me, it appears as though Mr. Schiavo has already decided that he's had enough. His attorney's statement certainly looks like a clear signal to the courts of no mas, and his filing of the motion to vacate on election day seems engineered to generate as little attention as possible.

If Schiavo is actually conceding the case, it appears to me to be a tremendous victory for Terri, for her parents, and for common sense. Terri Schiavo left no document stating her wishes and in cases such as this, erring on the side of life - rather than death - strikes me as the right thing to do.

Curiously, CNN has no mention of this development in the case, despite the motion being filed nearly two weeks ago. Their coverage of the events around Terri Schiavo has been fairly consistent up to this point. I won't speculate as to why they seem to have lost interest.