$20 Million Also Buys You...

On Wednesday, I observed that $20 Million Buys A Lot of Armor, a complaint that we should be buying equipment for our troops instead of giving cash to the Palestinians. Judging from events over the weekend, it looks like the Palestinians got their money's worth:

A tunnel filled with explosives detonated under the Israeli checkpoint on the Gaza-Egypt border near the town of Rafah on Sunday, killing four Israelis and wounding at least 10, in the largest Palestinian attack since Yasser Arafat's death.

Palestinian militants said more they set off more a ton of explosives under the Israeli complex, tunneling in from 800 yards away. Israel Army Radio said several structures collapsed and others were damaged by the force of the blast, which was followed by gunfire that the military said hampered efforts to evacuate the wounded.
As Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate the murder of Israeils, Hamas conducted a news conference:
Hamas was quick to convene a news conference during which one of the terrorists who claimed to have taken part in the attack reconstructed the incident. "One of the injured soldiers begged for his life, but I fired directly at him and escaped", he said.
An hour after the blast, a second timed explosive device detonated; no doubt an attempt to slaughter any relief or rescue workers on the scene. Fortunately, no one was injured in the second explosion.

In the light of what seems to be an unending campaign of terror against Israelis, it is hard to look at the support that many countries throw behind the Palestinians and not think that they are funding a proxy war against Israel. There isn't an army in the Middle East that could prevail against the IDF on the battlefield, so Middle Eastern governments give money to the Palestinians instead. Israel can't initiate a war against the sources of the support without becoming even more of an international pariah, so she has to sit back and slowly bleed.

The United States' gift of $20 million to the Palestinians is a shameful betrayal of the Israeli people. If there is any nation in the world with whom we should be making common cause against Islamist terror, it is Israel. Just as Great Britain has endured the slings and arrows of world opinion for it's unwavering support of America in geopolitical affairs, we should display that same courage in support of Israel.

It's time to cut off all American aid to the Palestinians and make it clear that the only way for them to take their place in the international community is to stop the attacks. We can not continue to support both sides in this dispute and expect to have credibility with either. Israel deserves our support. The Palestinians deserve nothing.