$20 Million Buys A Lot Of Armor

Via Little Green Footballs...

The Bush Administration announced today that it is giving $20 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority.

A senior Bush administration official said it hoped the aid would encourage additional donations from other countries "at a time when the Palestinian Authority is in desperate need of budget support to pay its bills, maintain stability and allow it to focus on the larger question of governing."

The Palestinian Authority is facing a severe financial crisis due to falling tax revenues during four years of violence which has paralyzed the Palestinian economy.

The $20 million in direct aid was to be announced during an international donors conference for the Palestinians in Oslo.
Yes, four years of violence instigated and perpetuated by the Palestinians themselves. The Palestinians are not our allies - they are the enemy. They teach their children to wire themselves with explosives and send them to kill Israeli civilians. They strive, as a matter of cultural identity, to annihilate Israel. They danced in the streets when planes crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Yet, when our own troops have to scrounge through landfills to find scrap metal to armor their vehicles, we can find $20 million dollars to give to Islamikaze fanatics who would dance again if another 3,000 Americans died?

Shame on you, President Bush.

Update:PowerLine is calling it "a corporate bailout for terrorists". That strikes me as a fairly accurate characterization.

Update 2: Jim K over at Rights Thoughts has a different and more optimistic view. I disagree, but I hope that he's right and I'm wrong.