A Correction

On Election Night, a former co-worker called me to tell me that he thought it was in the bag for Bush. I told him that he should prepare himself for the worst and that Kerry was going to slam-dunk a victory. Words were exchanged, manhood was questioned, and a bet was made - dinner at Flanigan's Boathouse.

History proved me wrong and on Tuesday night, I met up with my old friend to pay off my bet. During our conversation, he pointed out an error I made in my very first blog post. I had mistakenly said that only one in ten voters under the age of 24 went to the polls, and that this had been a major factor in Kerry's defeat. What I should have said was that only one in ten voters was under the age of 24. The article that provided the statistic cites this factor as part of Kerry's loss, so I don't feel I was completely off base. However, honor demanded that I issue the correction.

Oh, for the record, my friend ordered a modest meal; chicken cheesesteak with jalapeno peppers.