Lieberman for Homeland Security?

In the aftermath of Bernie Kerik's spectacular flameout, the New Haven Register is reporting that Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman is being wooed by the president...

In recent weeks the New Haven Democrat said repeatedly he has not been contacted, nor did he expect to be, but that if he were asked, he would consider any request.

As the top Democrat on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, a panel charged with oversight of the executive branch, Lieberman co-authored both the bill that established the Department of Homeland Security, and pending legislation that would reorganize the U.S. intelligence community. The bill is awaiting Bush’s signature.

The latter legislation, passed last week in Congress, would specifically place U.S. intelligence operations — civilian and military — under a single director of national intelligence.
Lieberman credentials seem to be compatible with the demands of the office, and Lieberman's support of the war (even as it cost him the Democratic nomination) is admirable.

Lieberman is one of the few Democrats in Congress to address the depravity of pop culture, which endears him to Republicans and irritates his fellow Dems. If this rumor actually plays out to be true, don't expect any praise for Bush in the media for bipartisanship. Among Democrats, Lieberman is about as popular as Zell Miller because he doesn't step on a BUSHITLER doormat before entering his office. If he is nominated, the general reaction from Left will probably be "Eh, he's practically a Republican anyway."