Monster Farming Update

An interesting new development on the "Monster Farming" issue. LifeSite reports that Dr. Richard Dorflinger, spokesman for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, has expressed cautious support for the research in question.

Dr. Richard Dorflinger, spokesman for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, said he was not convinced that the newest thing for which there is no name is not simply a severely disabled human being in the embryonic stage.

Pro-lifers have been dismissed as alarmists when they have tried to warn legislators that cloning by other names and in other guises was coming and would not be prohibited under new laws which define cloning very narrowly and claim to ban all cloning. Dr. Dorflinger echoed these warnings, saying of Dr. Hurlbut's proposal, "Such a procedure would not be prohibited by the cloning bans the Catholic bishops have supported at the state or federal level."

However, Dorflinger seemed to put his concern aside when he gave a cautious green light to proceeding with the research. "I certainly appreciate the conceptual model that Dr. Hurlbut has presented and I think exploration in animal models is well worth at least pursuing at this time," he said.
This is a suprising display of open-mindedness on the part of the Catholic Church. Of course, Dr. Dorflinger does not speak for the Church as a whole, but for someone in his position to not dismiss and decry the research out-of-hand is encouraging.

I hope that Dr. Hurlbut's proposal will be given a fair hearing in scientific circles. Thos folks interested can read his presentation. The relevant information begins at the bottom of page 61.