Stopping Dean

CNN reports that congressional Democratic leaders are working to prevent Howard Dean and his legions of orcs from overrunning the party and dragging it into obscurity.

Amid strong competition over who will lead the party as the next Democratic National Committee chairman, former Indiana congressman and 9/11 commission member Tim Roemer has emerged as a possible new candidate.

He has the strong backing of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, senior party sources told CNN Tuesday.

With the support of Reid and Pelosi, Roemer immediately has an advantage over the declared candidates, former presidential candidate Howard Dean and former Clinton aide Harold Ickes.
If the rumor proves to be true, I think it's a good move, albeit not without its own risks. Installing Howard Dean as party chair would be disastrous. However, this maneuver is sure to inflame the extreme Left wing of the party; not to mention Dean supporters who feel (somewhat justifiably) that the Democratic leadership torpedoed Dean in the primaries. They will not take kindly to seeing their man sabotaged a second time.