Susan Rosenberg Update

In my "Profressor of Terrorism" post, I pointed out (via FrontPage) that Hamilton University was going to pay convicted (and Clinton-pardoned) terrorist Susan Rosenberg to teach a course at the liberal arts school.

Apparently, the uproar was too much for the school's delicate constitution. David Horowitz has word that the school has had a change of heart and they have issued the following statement:

The Kirkland Project for the Study of Gender, Society and Culture regretfully announces that Susan Rosenberg has withdrawn as artist-in-residence for spring 2005. This withdrawal represents a loss for those students and colleagues who were looking forward to working with her, but as an educator, she felt that in the current climate the experience would not be productive for the students, the community, or herself. We thank those students and colleagues who participated thoughtfully in the discussions of the past few weeks.
"As an educator"? Please.