Ted Rall Says What Most Democrats Think

Via The Weekly Standard...

Ted Rall gave an interview to Minnesota Public Radio a few days back. Co-host Barbara Bogaev had invited him on to defend "what some might say" was the "smug elitism" of his published "rant" about the cerebral inferiority of Bush voters. Bogaev's other guest, Democratic media consultant Hank Sheinkopf, had raised an obvious objection: "You can't tell people they're stupid and their faith doesn't matter and then expect them to vote for Democrats." So what did Rall have to say for himself?

I do think Hank is absolutely right when you talk about the need to, obviously, to communicate with people. The way that that's going to happen is to stop overintellectualizing issues, and to tap into the sort of hot-button emotional responses that were so successful for liberals through the '60s and '70s. And then somehow we started becoming all intellectual and arguing facts and, you know, facts don't really work with the electorate because unfortunately, let's face it, the electorate is mostly stupid. (emphasis mine)
Besides, Rall explained to a plainly incredulous Barbara Bogaev:
Isn't it kind of intellectually dishonest on the part of Democrats, especially people who are well informed and who are journalists, to try to pretend that they know less than they do? People who are busy working 52 hours a week don't really have the time to watch CNN and MSNBC and Fox News every day all day long like I do. The'’re not reading Libération or Le Monde like I do.
Usually, I'm quick to point out that Ted Rall is a fringe lunatic. On this point, however, I think he's really speaking with the voice of the majority of Democratic supporters. Certainly, many of the Democrats that I know were not too shy to label Bush voters as Christian zombies, ignorant rednecks or outright Nazis.

The other Democrat on the air with Rall at the time, Sheinkopf, expressed one of the other common opinions that has emerged from the bitter Left - hoping that circumstance punishes the red states.
"In order for Democrats to thrive again," he said, "unfortunately we're gonna need some economic problems that are more severe, and we're gonna need a belief that people have to be protected, that market forces are not sufficient. And a couple of good downturns in the economy in the Midwest would be a lot helpful."
The repugnance of Rall's comments speaks for itself, and Sheinkopf can't claim to have come off much better in that interview. I don't understand why there aren't louder voices rejecting this "anyone who voted for Bush is stupid" mentality. Is it really as prevalent as it appears to be? Moreover, it's rather apalling for anyone to wish economic hardship on someone simply so his side can win an election.