Trash Talk

Residents of Pickerington, Ohio were concerned about a new law restricting how long you could leave your trash out before and after scheduled pickup times. Their concerns? The penalty of a $250 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

[Councilman Brian] Wisniewski, sponsor of the legislation and safety committee chairman, said the jail time and $250 fine is the penalty attached to the law that deals with garbage and rubbish collection and disposal, the section under which the new legislation falls.

In coming up with the legislation, Wisniewski said it was never his intention to scare residents into believing they would be thrown into jail.
Take heart, however. Before the measure passed in a close 4-3 vote of the City Council, the penalty was changed to a minor misdemeanor. Scofflaws who are late to collect their trash cans will not be doing hard time for their crimes against society.