Why I Don't Give Money To Beggars

Via BoingBoing...

The story of thirty-six-year-old Richard Dorsay will probably not fill you with sympathy for the plight of the homeless.

On Sunday, Dorsay was evicted from the little wooden home he built into the beams and girders of the underside of the Lake Shore Drive drawbridge after another man was arrested in suburban Streamwood and told police about him.

Inside, authorities found Dorsay's home was clearly more elaborate than the kind of warren other homeless people create in the city's nooks and crannies. He had tapped into the bridge's electricity to power a television, microwave, space heater and a PlayStation video game. There he could relax and, on occasions, turn on a Chicago Bears game, invite friends over and pop open some beers.
Doesn't sound like a bad life. Wake up, play some Katamari Damacy, catch some football on the tube, and then go hit up strangers for money to finance that copy of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas that you've had your eye on.