Chik-fil-A Lays an Egg

Via Michelle Malkin and LibertyBlog...

Chik-Fil-A ran an ad during the Peach Bowl that I would not have believed possible. It depicts a cow, standing in front of a line of bulldozers to prevent construction of a burger joint, as seen below:

Do you get the odd feeling you've seen this before? I did, too. Here's a hint:

Four tanks, four bulldozers, same camera angle, no denying it.

The man in that famous image from the slaughter at Tiananmen Square was almost certainly machine-gunned for his transgressions; if not, than he's probably been rotting in a Chinese prison for fifteen years. I imagine that he would find the commercial very amusing.

I eat at Chik-Fil-A once or twice a month; there's one near my office. Not another cent of my money will support this sort of repugnant advertising. It's just not funny.

Note: If you are interested in contacting Chik-Fil-A and voicing your disapproval, you can do so by contacting Regina Bryant, Public Relations Administrator at 404.765.8117. Please be polite.