Dear Sir

I've written a few emails to "mainstream journalists" when I've disagreed with something that they wrote, and I've written emails to other bloggers for similar reasons. My experience has been that the "journalists" respond with snooty well-that's-your-opinion responses and the bloggers are rather receptive.

Case in point: In a December 3rd post, Walter Olson of OverLawyered wrote that "an essential part of the task of proselytizing for one faith is convincing listeners that there is something seriously wrong with or deficient about others." I took issue with his statement and emailed him to that effect. He sent me a very polite email in response, reworded the post in question, and put my criticism on his Letters page.

This is the sort of thing that builds credibility in my book, and it's one of the reasons why I'm one of the teeming masses that regularly submits links to OverLawyered.