No Child Left Behind, Indeed

Westminster High School in Carroll County, Maryland has an interesting policy regarding the treatment of handicapped students during evacuations: leave them in a stairwell.

When a Carroll County, Md., high school had an emergency evacuation, everyone got out except for two students who were confined to wheelchairs.

They were abandoned in the stairwell on the second floor.

WBAL-TV in Baltimore said there is a policy at Westminster High School for what to do with the two students in wheelchairs in case of a fire. The policy said because their classrooms are on the second floor, teachers are to lead them to the second-floor stairwell and leave them there and wait for the fire crews to come to their rescue while everyone else evacuates.
This isn't a case of a child getting frightened during a drill. There was an actual fire at the school, and the stairwell filled with smoke as two wheelchair-bound students wait for someone - anyone - to come to their aid.

This is apalling. The people who approved this policy should be called forward and made to explain their rationale to thile parents of the children in question. Then they should be fired.

My children aren't handicapped (although my son is a bit of klutz), but this is just another reason why I don't want to send them to public school.