Told Ya

In my "Wictory Wednesday" post on 12/08, I warned that Washington State Democrats were trying to steal the guneratorial election. Well, now it appears that they have. The recount has been certified in favor of Democratic Attorney General Christine Gregoire on Thursday, but there's a small problem.

The Seattle times is reporting that King County, the Democratic stronghold where ballots for Gregoire were magically "found", appears to have tallied 3,500 more votes than there are registered voters.

As has been the case since Election Day, much of the attention is focused on King County. Republicans are asking questions about why the county's list of registered voters who cast valid ballots in the election shows about 3,500 fewer people than the total number of votes certified in the race.

On Wednesday, Rossi asked Gregoire to agree to a runoff election, saying the results were in doubt and voters had lost confidence in the election. She rejected that.

Republicans' work now is aimed at gathering enough evidence to challenge the validity of the election in court under the state's "contested election" law. That allows a judge to nullify an election if enough problems are found to put the true outcome of the race in doubt. The court also has the authority to call for a new election, though that has never been done in a statewide contest.
No one seems to think that the courts will order a new election. But I suppose that Republicans (and anyone else who believes in fair elections) in Washington can take some solace by being allowed to refer to Gregoire as "Governor*" for the duration of her term.