When Life Hands You a Yemen, Make Yemenade

Via Overlawyered...

On December 26th of last year, the American Embassy in Yemen issued an advisory warning American citizens to avoid the city of Aden, and the Aden Hotel specifically.

The American Embassy cautions all American citizens to be alert and avoid travel to the city of Aden. The Embassy advises of a possible threat against the Aden Hotel in particular. The American Embassy has advised its personnel not to travel to Aden until after January 1, 2005.
The new year came and went, and thankfully there was no incident at the hotel. The hotel has filed a lawsuit against the embassy.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, Fadhl al-Hilali, General Manager at Aden Hotel said the warnings of the American Embassy sparked fear among clients and made them leave the hotel. A number of workers also left the hotel fearing the warnings from the embassy.

He mentioned that the hotel’s administration had already prepared several ceremonial programs to celebrate the occasion as other hotels all over Yemen do and that the celebration was to be sponsored by many trade companies.

"The warning period ended and nothing bad occurred, so this indicates that such rumors have no place of truth," Al-Hilali said. "According to the filed suit, we claim a compensation worth $ US500,000."
It's sad that in our quest to introduce things like freedom and democracy to the Middle East, we've also introduced the mindset of the worst of our lawyers. For every Cher, there's a Sonny, I guess.