Athwart the Tracks

Martini Pundit cleverly invokes William Buckley as he talks about rumors that Senate Democrats might filibuster the nomination of Alberto Gonzalez.

The filibuster is well within the Senate’s purview as a procedural means of fulfilling its ‘Advice and Consent’ function, and equally within the purview of the Senate leadership to restrict or even abolish it. It’s utility as a tool which protects the minority senators can be debated, but its supra-majority requirements are not in accord with the checks and balances instituted by the Founding Fathers who used separate but equal branches of government and a bicameral legislature to accomplish those ends. The filibuster is nothing more than senatorial courtesy - which is thing as nonexistent as John Kerry’s mission to run weapons to the Khmer Rouge.

It’s time the business of the American people stopped being beholden to one bloviating senior Senator from Massachusetts who had the unmitigated gall to discuss drowning with Judge Gonzales. The voters have spoken in two elections now to stop Democratic obstruction - it’s high time the Senate Republicans listened.
I don't necessarily think that Senate Republicans should try and eliminate the filibuster - that's too much ammunition to hand to the media who would be all too willing to portray it as an "evil power grab."

Better, I think, to force the hand of Senate Democrats. If they want to filibuster, let them do it. Tom Daschle was run out of office because of his obstructionism. If more senators want to risk their seats by satisfying their infantile desires to thumb their nose at the president - let them. The voters will remember.